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Why Choose Backyard Playground?

We custom build every playset individually so it is the perfect fit for each family.

Our playsets are designed to be strong, look great, meet your family’s needs and, most importantly, to be fun!  Each playset is custom manufactured by hand.  What more could you ask for?

Purchase Options

We know that prospective customers like to have some idea of what a custom play set from Backyard Playground might cost before beginning a project. We’ve made this important part of the process very easy.


When you invest in a playset, you want to know you have purchased something that will keep your children safe and happy for years. How do we do that?


Each family has different needs when it comes to their playset design, and most yards have slope or some unique characteristic that can be designed into our playsets.


Backyard Playground is the only company that includes the cost of delivery and installation for a full 48 months after installation.  The others provide for delivery and installation only during the first 30 days after installation, but not after, yet others offer delivery and installation for ZERO days after installation.  We’re not kidding!  All hardware has a lifetime warranty and includes delivery & installation.


...but our customers think we’re pretty great.