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Purchase Options

We know that prospective customers like to have some idea of what a custom play set from Backyard Playground might cost before beginning a project. We’ve made this important part of the process very easy.


See what we have available through our the gallery here on our site or view our Facebook page, simply provide us a list of features your family would enjoy. Since we price by features, not by the overall design, we’re able to provide a highly accurate quote within 24 hours or so. You can call us with this information, email, or send a website inquiry.


We’ve designed over 3200 play sets since 2005, and each one is unique. As a result, we have a great deal of experience creating designs that are safe, include the features you want, and fit your available space. In most cases, we can talk with you over the phone regarding the space available and come up with a draft design for you to review. If your property has a decent amount of slope, if we’re incorporating trees into the design, or hardscaping features (such as retaining walls) we can typically create a draft design after you provide us with a few pictures. Many designs will go through several iterations before it’s complete. For any situation that you believe requires an on-site visit, we’d be happy to get that scheduled. Simply call, email or send a website inquiry.


Once you give us the approval on the design and pricing, it will be time to get the playset ordered and installed. The lead time between ordering and installation depends greatly on the time of year. During the fall, winter and summer, we’ll typically be able to provide an installation date within 3 weeks of the order. During the spring, we aim to provide installation dates within 6 weeks of the order. Once we have the order from you, we begin procuring the materials to get the playset manufactured and place orders for any accessories we don’t currently have in stock. For the most part, we’ll complete installations in a single day. More complex designs or those with difficult terrain, could take 2 – 3 days to install. Occasionally, bad weather may prevent installation on the scheduled day. In these cases, we’ll typically reschedule the installation within 5 business days. When we arrive on-site, we’ll confirm the placement of the play set, then hand carry the many parts from your driveway to the area of installation. There’s no heavy equipment going through your backyard, and don’t worry, we won’t be “setting up shop” in your backyard to manufacture parts.