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Your Warranty says a lot about the playset you're purchasing.

Backyard Playground is the only company that includes the cost of delivery and installation for a full 48 months after installation.  The others provide for delivery and installation only during the first 30 days after installation, but not after, yet others offer delivery and installation for ZERO days after installation.  We’re not kidding!  All hardware has a lifetime warranty and includes delivery & installation.

Our warranty process is simple and designed to make it easy for you. Just give us a call and tell us the situation. We’ll quickly diagnose the problem and schedule a time for delivery and installation of the warranted part. No worry. No hassle.

With a Backyard Playground playset, you won’t have to deal with time consuming procedures that could take months to resolve, like finding the original receipt or sending the faulty part in for inspection.

As long as you are the original owner, our warranty provides lifetime coverage of all the wooden components unless the playset has been modified by someone other than Backyard Playground. The warranty on wooden components includes any situation in which an unsafe playing condition is created. Plastic and rubber accessories have a four year warranty. Delivery and installation of warranted items is included for 48 months. Hardware warranty includes delivery and installation for the life of the playset.